So, another website about crystal skulls. What is that about? Well, I can say your karma brought you here. And maybe that is the case. But true or not, this site is not about karma and is definitely not a guide for a better life, more health, wisdom and money. It just is my try for a helping hand on your own path. A hand filled with crystals, skulls, dragons, wands and daggers.

Of course you can find information about skulls and dragon energy, but keep in mind that this is always my way of seeing, experiencing and believing. Your way might be the same or different, but most important, it is your way. I hope you will fall in love with one of my creations of course. Or, in other words, that a skull or dragon chooses you as his or her caretaker. I hope you will experience - as many before you have - that my dragons, skulls, daggers and wands have ‘soul’.

But most of all, I hope you will find some inspiration to make your spirit, your soul stronger and to let you make a step forward to spiritual life. In the end that will lead the a better world with awareness for nature, creatures and fellow beings and of course with love.
So please, explore the pages, wander around the crystal energies and enjoy.
Warm & loving regards,